Emergency alert - a zombie outbreak has begun at a remote compound deep in the mountains. The undead are overrunning the facility and there is no one left alive to stop them. Teams are critically needed to face terrifying unknown challenges in both the facility and the isolation of the woods to find the antidote and stop the spread of the infection before it's too late.


While constructing a new building on a property located in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California, a group of construction workers came across the remains of several skeletal bodies. It was later determined that the crew had stumbled upon an ancient burial ground belonging to the Serrano Indians who were known to inhabit the area some 2,500 years ago.

During the excavation of the remains several workers began to show signs of an illness that modern medicine had never encountered before. The numbers quickly multiplied and the Department of Disease Prevention (DDP) quickly put the site under quarantine. For weeks scientists worked to try to cure the infection but were unsuccessful. Meanwhile local residents reported often hearing screams and strange noises coming from the compound. Several missing persons reports have been filed with no leads.

Army Rangers were called in after a group of local vigilantes broke into the compound in an attempt to prove that the DDP was experimenting on innocent people and that the infection was caused by a violation of sacred ground. The vigilantes claim to have witnessed infected victims beginning to exhibit cannibalistic behaviors and are convinced that the government is hiding a secret that could cost millions of lives. The government is denying any involvement in the operation so the vigilante group is now rumored to be forming a resistance to go back to the mountain, save any survivors and find a cure.

Will you join them in this race to save humanity and STOP THE INFECTION? Come to Panic Mountain and survive if you can.