Physical Fitness and Accessibility:

We are not a wheelchair accessible event. Participants must have a full range of motion, including the ability to walk, run, jump, climb and crawl.

Challenge Participation:

All participants will continue to face challenges together regardless of outcomes, and no one will be removed from participation unless they request to be removed, are judged to be under the influence, or are behaving in a manner that jeopardizes the safety of themselves and others. If a participant loses a personal item during a challenge, such as a cell phone or keys, they will not be permitted to stay behind and search for it. Everyone must stay with their group throughout the night. During daylight hours staff will survey the activity areas for lost items and place them in a lost and found. Email to inquire about lost items.

Theatrical Effects:

The event will involve a number of effects including but not limited to strobe lighting, colored and bright lights, sound effects and theatrical fog. Persons with photosensitive epilepsy or other conditions that may cause a reaction to these effects are cautioned not to attend, or if attending should inform Panic Mountain staff throughout the event.

Alcohol Policy:

Absolutely NO outside alcohol is to be brought on property. If found with alcohol it will be confiscated and you may be asked to leave without receiving a refund. If you are under age and caught with alcohol or believed to have been drinking the authorities will also be notified.

For the safety of all participants and staff during the challenges, alcohol will be available for purchase at the Survivors’ Bash After Party ONLY. All participants purchasing alcohol at the event will be required to show valid identification.

DO NOT bring your own alcohol or arrive intoxicated. Due to the physical nature of the challenges you will be facing, we reserve the right to stop your participation in the challenges for your own safety and the safety of others if you appear to be under the influence of alcohol or other substances. If you can't complete the challenges because of being under the influence of alcohol or any other substance you will not receive a refund.

Illegal Substances:

We have a no-tolerance policy for illegal substances of any kind. If you are found to be in possession or under the influence of any illegal substance while on the property you will be asked to leave immediately, without a refund, and the local authorities will be notified.


Please inform us via email if you have any medication needs that require refrigeration or other assistance.


Smoking and open flames are prohibited on the property. There will be a designated area for vapor cigarettes only, outside of the main building once the challenges are complete. This event is located in the San Bernardino National Forest, in a high fire danger area. We regret that guests found smoking must be asked to vacate the facility.

Have questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions for more info.